Tuesday, October 28, 2014

autumn activity in the mountains

Hi everyone!

 We have been busy this week.
Our lot was "view cleared", resulting in a much wider view of Whiteside Mountain. This is the view from the little grill deck off to the side of the porch.

The view from the porch is much better but with screens and blinds in place, it is difficult to photograph.

The vinyl blinds are still down from the storms last week, they will stayed closed for the winter. We are loving using the porch on these Indian summer days. Calling for cooler temps later this week.

The sunrise view is pretty in the morning. I found this plant in the yard, no idea what it is. Anyone know?

We added a dozen native Rhododendron Maximus shrubs to the fenced "wildflower" bed (actually very few flowers, only a few asters) in the driveway to accompany one lonely mature Rhodo. 

Also a dozen Woodland or Swamp sunflowers( Helianthus Divaricatus) inside the fence.
The outer edge of the bed has a new rock border and soil. 

We planted perennial blue salvia, anemones and irises so far. Will have to add more as the seasons progress next year.

Some fall color at the entry corner of the bed.

The cutest little acorns are all over the front yard. I have collected some for the house.

Fun to see the gourds and heirloom pumpkins available each autumn. A little orange beanie!

Some beauties at a local farmer's market. The snake gourd has such a beautiful pattern.

 We have been visiting the waterfalls which is a must do fall activity in the mountains.
Silver Run Falls  has a dramatic shelf that the falls spill over into a perfect pool for swimming,

with a glittery bottom flecked with silver that can be seen through the clear water.

Nearby Silver Run Falls is this lovely view of Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. 

Porch days are going to be gone soon, we will enjoy them while we can. We would love a fireplace on the porch to extend the season, that is on the project to-do list.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. What stunning views, Cindy!! I enjoyed your previews on Instagram :) How do you like gardening in this environment? So much more shade than your former garden in Ohio, right? Enjoy these warm temps. xo

  2. The view clearing is spectacular! What a vista. Will you be able to grow peonies and lilacs in your new zone?
    Dana mentioned that you'll be down in HHI soon! I'm a little jealous! My family can't make it down this year. Too hard with the college age kids' schedules. That's okay, we'll pick it back up later. I am excited to be cooking at home. And to have all my own china and silver to use on the table! But I will miss the Teets for my grocery runs! And the availability of so many beautiful greens and berries for floral. If you're staying in Palmetto Dunes, let me know. I'll tell you where there's a gorgeous holly on a vacant lot that you can go raid! Last year, I scouted it while walking Barbie and then drove up to it later. I left the car running while I trimmed little branches. I was scared the Palmetto police were going to bust me! Can't you hear that call? "The man in the white BMW stole holly!" Haha.


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