Thursday, September 18, 2014

Satulah Mountain hike

An easily accessed hike from downtown Highlands is to the top of Satulah Mountain. It is an inclined climb through a winding neighborhood first before you arrive at the trailhead at the top.

One of my favorite homes in Highlands sits  on a lovely lot about halfway up. It is difficult to get good photos of it though. Hopefully these shots show some of the beauty of the lot and very charming cottage.

A babbling brook runs through the ferns and moss of the side yard alongside the little out building. The home has mountain views to the left, hard to see in the midday haze.

This is a peek through the trees just past the cottage.

After the paved road ascent, and a ten minute wooded trail hike, with patches of galax leaves here and there

the views finally reveal themselves at the top. 

Looking east

Looking to the southwest toward Rabun Gap and Georgia, we found an old stone foundation and fireplace.

Western view.

A perfect hike with temperatures in the seventies and a blue sky, a typical summer day in Highlands, NC.

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  1. Looks beautiful! That shingled cottage is lovely. I like houses that sit high with living areas elevated.

  2. What a beautiful walk and such views! Yes, this weather has been perfect…even for my swimming where the water stays at 80 degrees!


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