Friday, August 1, 2014

Atlanta Botanical Garden

I spent the last few days visiting friends in Atlanta
 in perfect summer weather, no humidity! Kind of amazing at this time of year. We visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden which is fantastic... large, well planned and full of inspiration and beauty. 

Mosaiculture of Montreal's installations are being exhibited throughout the gardens. The charming shaggy dog greets you as you enter.

This  beautiful goddess with flowing water was purchased and will be a permanent fixture in the cascading fountain garden.

We loved the benches designed by blacksmith Andrew T. Crawford. He also made several beautiful gates throughout the gardens.

The Children's Garden has a wonderful butterfly gate, not able to find it's creator.

David Landis made the stainless steel butterfly that overlooks the Children's Garden.

An ogre with a tunnel though his ears.

Behind the set of fish is the lawn where the  Concerts in the Garden series is held.

There is a Chihuly water and glass sculpture. 

Herbs are grown vertically, great space saving idea.

Philip Haas's 
Giuseppe Arcimboldo inspired Four Seasons sculptures are spending the summer in Atlanta.

And of course orchids are always a visual treat, especially en masse.

I will make a return visit soon to share it with my husband. To plan your visit, visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden site here.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow…. that is very dramatic! And how perfect to have gone in the beautiful weather last week. Yes, it certainly has been unusual; and now it's pouring here and my gardens are very happy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wow! What inspiration, I always love visiting the botanic gardens wherever I'm vacationing! The shaggy dog at the entrance is such a fun element. How lucky were you to be there when they're having such beautiful weather!!

  3. All I can say is amazing and awesome. I'll have to make that trip one of these days.


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