Monday, July 7, 2014

Good morning from the mountains!

Sunrise this morning....

We are emerging from the unpacking exhaustion/no internet twilight zone! We had a whirlwind week of unpacking and then headed to Atlanta for a wedding and are now back in the mountains ready to make our cottage into a home.

Because we were able to purchase the porch furniture from the sellers, the porch has been our refuge.    It is the one almost finished room of the house. We rearranged the furniture, moving the sofa to the side and taking the console from the back wall into the seating area. It looked like this before.

Sunlight makes such a difference, this day was dark and dreary.

We added one of our jute rugs, a metal coffee table, a few extra pillows (we purchased the sellers orange and gold Sunbrella pillows) and some Indian throws. Still have some pottery in boxes in the basement to add to the mix. Maybe the small fiddle leaf fig that was purchased in SC.

We added a mirror we used in the upstairs hall of our last house to break up the back wall. It gives us a "window" that allows us to see the reflection of the view from our bedroom, adjacent to the porch.

I need something on the round side table between the wicker chairs, perhaps another outdoor lamp or the brown demijohn bottle we have, filled with some branches.

There is a little uncovered porch attached, with a kettle grill and metal table behind the pair of extra dining chairs.

It is the only part of the house that needs attention. The decking is mildewed and the railing needs a fresh coat of paint. We are kind of lazy and used to a gas grill so not sure if we will keep the Weber kettle.

That's all for now, going to tackle some more boxes in the basement today. We are also awaiting one more small truck of our belongings that did not fit in the moving van. It will hopefully arrive this week. So more boxes! 

We have ordered a new sofa, pillows and dining bench and will have to wait months for them to arrive. So the living areas are going to be sparse for some time. Our sofas and sectionals just did not suit this small cottage so we decided to start fresh.

We also have so much discovery awaiting us in the area, can't wait to get to that!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. eeeee! Can't wait to see it all in person!

  2. It's exciting for all of us! Can't wait to see all the "reveal" posts…looking good for now. And I'm sure it's a lot cooler there than in central NC!!!

    1. Thanks Libby! Summer temps are great here, rarely too hot or humid. The weekend in Atlanta was amazing, thanks to the hurricane effect!

  3. Dear Cindy,
    I learned by Mr. Paul that you are a Mothette too, so of course I was curious and wanted to make your acquaintance (as with Pam and Kim). I am interested in gardens very much (my blog had to be changed from a big garden in Hildesheim to a splendid balcony garden in Berlin), and I can feel with you about moving (husband and I had by our profession to move a lot). I will follow you - maybe you'll have a look at my blogs, though the garden blog is a bit neglected, I do most on my Dear You letters.

    1. PS: It is a bit difficult to follow you - can't find the 'Followers app' of Blogspot - and am not on Pinterest. Mmmh - have to work it out.

  4. Oh my gosh, Cindy! I'd be perfectly happy living on that charming porch! I love your new arrangement and the mirror was such a great addition! Glad you have a finished space to relax at the end of the day!

  5. I can't wait to see more of this house. Looks just gorgeous. I'm so happy for you that you've found such a lovely home. What a wild year it's been! Must feel good to really be settling. I had a little fit this week where I declared I was moving to Beaufort County, SC. Haha. I've changed my mind. For now! Or maybe Maine.

  6. I love the porch furniture. I could sit out there all day.


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