Thursday, May 15, 2014

not your average hardware store

There are not many shopping choices in a small town. We have Savannah, Bluffton and Charleston nearby so we can head in those directions when needed.  

But the local hardware store in Beaufort has been a nice surprise.

This unassuming exterior in a beautiful parking lot of oaks is a fun place to shop.

Grayco Hardware is on Sea Island Parkway, Lady's Island, in the commercial district in Beaufort where we do our errands. Downtown Beaufort also has nice shops, just across the river.

 Grayco offers all  the regular items found  in a hardware store but there is so so much more! 

So rather than describe, you can just see for yourself...
(in fuzzy iphone photos though, my phone is so bad indoors)

They have a nice garden department. You can order fiddle leaf figs here, they are not available anywhere else in town.

So if you are ever in Beaufort or heading to Fripp Island and need beach supplies, make sure you stop in at Grayco!

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  1. That's a hardware store? How fun and fabulous!! Sure beats going to Home Depot. Thanks for the shopping tour :)

  2. What a terrific store! You're lucky to have that as your hardware store. Very nice!

  3. And now I know where all the stuff comes from in rental HHI houses! I've seen this place a thousand times and never known what it was. I will need to check it out myself. I am loving all these residential excursions. Next I want to know where you do your grocery shopping! Who has plastic spoons that aren't $10 a box? :) I'm partial to Harris Teeter while I'm down there. I like that the Sea Pines location is half produce.
    Also, have you ever been to the Le Creuset outlet? I can't remember which road it's off of, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Driving past I've always thought it looked a little seedy.

    1. We went to the Outlet in March on our way back up to N.C. This is a Le Creuset, full price store, not an outlet! Yes, they carry discontinued styles, but no, the prices are definitely NOT outlet! Don't be fooled, just drive on by!

  4. That's one spiffy hardware store chock full of style! :) How fun!

  5. Oh, I love "hardware" aka housewares stores like this! It is one stop shopping at its best!

  6. I thought this shop is appliances shop. Your hardware store is very unique, I saw a lot of hardware store but I never seen one like yours. Btw where is your hardware store located at?


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