Thursday, April 17, 2014

bringing foliage in

The home we are renting does not have gardens, just nice basic landscaping. There are a few late blooming azaleas which have not opened yet and some oleanders that were frost damaged and are coming back that will hopefully give us summer color. 

So to add life to the inside of the house, I have been cutting foliage from the yard. 

I only brought 2 vases here, the rest are in storage. For some reason, a few wicker flasks were packed with husbands shoes


so I have been using them instead. The St Germain elderflower liquor is so good, we are going to try making different cocktails with it. The prettiest bottle.

Chocolate bowl is getting low, need to get some easter chocolates.

This carafe belongs to a set of glasses but I needed something tall to support the palmetto fronds.

We have been visiting nurseries, excited to see the different flowering plants that can be grown in the South but without a yard of our own,  have to be patient until the house is built.

When you need a little freshness in your rooms,
do you just clip a little sprig here and there too?

One more thing...
many azaleas are starting to fade so here are a few I captured the other day, the pinks are near our lot and the multicolored were in a churchyard next to the grocery....

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  1. Wow, those azaleas are amazing, wish we had them here. :( I love bringing in greenery, Palmetto fronds are my favorite, so dramatic!

  2. You are a busy blogger these days! yes, I clip whatever is available at all seasons. Or I fill in the store bought flowers with my own greens…. thus, I am making an effort to plant some shrubs with a variety of texture and color!

  3. Love, love, love St Germain with champagne. Simple and delicious.
    You can also try some fresh pomegranate juice in in addition to the champers and St G, to create a wonderful Autumnal cocktail.


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