Monday, March 31, 2014

morning walk in Beaufort

Hi everyone!

Popping in with some photos from our walk in town yesterday.....

How about this Federal beauty on the corner of Washington and Carteret streets? It is the Old Barnwell house, also referred to as the Barnwell-Gough house,  built in 1789. You can read more about its occupant Elizabeth Gough and the history of the home here.

You do not cut oak trees in the Low Country! Just let them do their thing and move around them. 

This home also has an adorable cottage in the back yard that can be rented here.  This photo was taken by the owner, found on VRBO. He loves dogs, has  two golden retrievers and allows dog guests.

A typical street in downtown Beaufort.

A beautiful courtyard was behind the walls but I did not want to get too close for the sake of their privacy.

The azaleas are in bloom, lots of  reds, pinks and corals. The redbuds also have been beautiful this spring.

When an oak touches the ground, it is called an Angel Oak. There is a spectacular one at the Moorlands house on Federal Street.

Andy being pulled by husband who was trying to get to of the shot. Azaleas behind a jasmine covered fence. There is the stupid hump on his back that we wish would just disappear. Still the same Andy, doing well, no slow down. He made friends yesterday as usual. He veers towards people as we walk, making eye contact with everyone. A very social boy, most people respond favorably!

The Beaufort River view from Moorlands.

This beauty on Federal Street was built by James Rhett in 1884. You can see the Haint blue painted porch ceiling which is very common in the Low Country.

The dogwoods are starting to open. These appear to be dancing on heavy Spanish Moss.

The tourist buggies are getting busier. I recommend doing this as you first arrive to Beaufort. Some drivers are better than others and give much more detail.

Goodbye for now, I am going to take some shots of our little rental home and will post soon. Trying to recatch the blogging bug. I am so out of the habit and distracted by all the new discoveries and house planning that I forget to sit down and post. It is fun to share though and I am hoping to get inspired to post more.

Andy on the road. I love this shot, a happy dog.

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  1. I'm so happy Andy is feeling well and enjoying such a beautiful spring. I love our fair state of Ohio, but you picked the year to leave! Spring is nonexistent at this point.
    I've been to HHI so many times and never explored Beaufort. I need to on my next visit. Those azaleas! Spectacular.

  2. I love Andy. Glad you're enjoying Beaufort. It looks so charming. I can't believe I haven't been there yet.

  3. Oh, we need to plan a vacation there sometime, it's just beautiful and so quaint! Thank you for giving me my Andy fix, glad to hear he's doing well and making new friends! :)

  4. Thanks so much for showing us all these gorgeous images Cindy! It is the best time of year, no? I just read that Beaufort is one of the top 10 small towns: I think it was Smithsonian Magazine? It's downstairs: I'll check.

  5. I love your blog thanks for sharing so sorry to hear about Andy and I love all the pictures they are beautiful!


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