Thursday, July 11, 2013

this morning in the lilies and frogs

Our lilies are opening! These look great against the shade of the woods.

Mama frog?

Baby frog. 
We never get tired of gazing at the frogs on their lily pads. I get really sad when I think about leaving the pond behind when we move.  We can make any house pretty and build a patio, that's easy. But duplicating our special pond will not be possible. The South is buggy and no need to attract more bugs to our garden. Sniff sniff. There will be a big body of water to look at every day and that will have to be the substitute. The intimacy and beauty of our private little pond will be so missed!

The front yard lily bed, those are Limelight hydrangeas up the hill preparing to bloom. The rains this summer are keeping every bed fresh and green. Not had to bring out the hose once!

What's blooming in your garden this morning?

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  1. It looks so beautifully lush, it has been so hot and dry here, but my lilies are starting to open, as well. I've enjoyed all your pond and frog photos, and will miss it, too! I know you two will create something equally as special!

  2. ohhhh, so sad! but doesn't have to be......there is a species of fish called mosquito fish and they eat, you guessed it, mosquitos. maybe?

  3. Wow it's really been fascinating reading your blog seeing how different the climate/bloom time is just a few hours north of me. I think our lilies started opening a month ago. But also I know you have had even more rain than we have down here. It's funny because down here the rain was broken up by 5-6 hours of pure sunlight so instead of going on pause plants exploded. Haha I'm afraid you're making the right decision on the pond. I have a friend with a house on HHI and she has enough trouble with snakes and bugs coming into her pool!! Gorgeous garden photos as always. PS-with your Beaufort County knowledge, any idea where I can get the best Thanksgiving turkey down there? I was thinking Harris-Teeter because I've been most impressed with that store. They have the best produce. (And yes, I'm already in full planning mode for Thanksgiving :) )

    1. Hey Stephen, I'm a HT shopper. Did you know they were just bought by Kroger? Supposedly they'll stay the same (and they do have great produce, better than Whole Foods, I think).

  4. Oh, Cindy, I can feel your pain! I'm sure it's sad to think of leaving not only your pond behind, but the frogs who live there. I hope the next owners of your home give as much loving attention to the yard and the pond (and the frogs!) as you have.

  5. Cindy,
    I'm catching up from being away. I will really miss seeing your pond and the froggies. Your Daylilies are beautiful! In the garden of our former home, we used to have Stella D'Oro Daylilies. They were such prolific bloomers!
    x Loi


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