Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what's happening over here

Things happen when you decide to sell your home! We had our realtor friend in the house last week to look things over. She said everything looked ready, no work needed. Much thanks to our handyman, we have kept things in good shape. However, we are noticing little things that should be tended to, more and more of them every day. Baseboards that need paint, lightbulbs, organizing the big storage room in the basement, getting teenage son's basement bedroom to not have a distinct scent!

The gutters are being cleaned out today, the patio and beds are a mess from it.

He is washing out tons of maple whirlybirds from the gutters this morning. They are now everywhere in all the foundation plantings. 

Here is a pic of the hallway shelves we painted a few months ago that first were dark, then we painted white but ended up using the wall color like the family room bookshelves around the corner. The white was too stark for the rest of the first floor for some reason, just did not look right. The lack of natural light makes the floor and shelves look washed out in the photo, they are actually the same SW Gourmet Mushroom shade as the others, you can see in this next pic. More of a warm green taupe,  I still like the shade that we picked out 12 years ago. The entire first floor is painted with it except the warm melon on the living room walls, you can kind of see it behind the ugly recliner. Husband says it has to make the move but it will go in his office this time.

So the house is staying in ready position. Ready to be shown anytime. It will not be officially on the MLS until early July. We have an 80th birthday for my mom here soon and want to get everything back in shape after guests leave but if someone  through word of mouth wants to see it now, they are welcome. 

In the meantime, my free time at night is spent pinning ideas for the new house! We have decided on a very casual coastal cottage look. Floor plan will be open. Kitchen will not have upper cabinets. Here are some of our inspirations...

My favorite kitchen, love the storage piece, the open shelving with cookbooks and bowls, the windows and the vintage sink. I want to sell some of my collection of china, have too much, I think this piece would hold the perfect amount. We will paint all interior walls white. Something like the popular Ben Moore White Dove. Cabinets will be a creamy shade too.

I don't want to use granite or marble but a light colored material without much pattern. Will look into Caesarstone. Would probably go lighter than this shade, this is too gold. Would like deep double sinks, would be nice to have them the same material as the counters.

We want to use brick on porches and steps. Were considering brick for the entire first floor but think a mix of hardwood and brick will be more interesting.

 House design needs to compliment the white classic house next door. 

This is one of the common styles of the neighborhood and the same design build firm that built this will build our house.

Thinking sage green siding with black shutters and cream white trim. 

May want doors to be a natural stain. And lanterns of course!

The house will have double wraparound porches. Probably use our set of chaise lounges on top porch outside master and perhaps all weather wicker rocking chairs or porch swings on the first floor entry porch. 

Would like to have stacked screened porches too if the lot allows on the side of the house. One on the first floor for a dining table off the kitchen and one upstairs to be a sleeping porch with a set of these swinging beds that are made in Charleston.

We will use my grandmother's old wrought iron on a courtyard garden but need to get them recovered in a neutral Sunbrella. The dark green is still in great shape after almost 20 years! But it is dated and I want a fresh look. We will really miss the pond the most so will have to figure out a water feature. Some type of fountain, here is Loi and Tom's pretty courtyard fountain that I love. They painted the interior black to make it appear deeper.

Definitely a mudroom on the back of the house. Not sure if laundry will go there, depends on the location of the master. May want the laundry near the master. Love how the skirt covers the laundry machines. Aww, he looks perfect in his mudroom. We want to use brick on the mudroom floor.

Courtyard will have to have an arbor as we have 3 here and will miss them.

The garage in back will hopefully have a bedroom or office above it. 

So what do you think? Any ideas for us? A fun change from Midwestern traditional Colonial to coastal cottage style! 

What are you working on this summer? Hopefully relaxing and not thinking about a move and all the work that goes with it! 

Here are the reasons we are doing all this...

the views, the warm air, the marshes and oaks, the travel to Savannah and Charleston. A slower small town lifestyle that is more active year round.

and no more grey freezing cold winters. Will have to figure out the hot summers though! We will try to escape at that time of year.

Thanks for visiting!

All images and their sources on my Pinterest boards here.


  1. Hi, Cindy - Wow!!! I'm catching up here on the big news. Congratulations!!! I'm very, very excited for you all. And sad to see you leave your beautiful garden in Ohio. Heading to the airport for a trip to Sweden. Will email you when I am back.
    Take care,
    x Loi

  2. Oh my gosh, Cindy ~ I can't believe how much you've already decided! I knew it would be amazing, this is so much fun to get to share in your planning, and I couldn't love your gorgeous choices more! I bet your beautiful home will sell in a heartbeat! I've enjoyed your pinning frenzy, too! :)

  3. This is so exciting and I LOVE your direction. The color choices and pretty.

  4. I think I know where that is! Sounds so exciting! Congratulations on such a fun and exciting time!
    I will be doing a post on brick floors in the coming week.. look for it!
    So happy for you!

  5. I love all your ideas and could build the same home. Love it. Oh, come on down to the south now and get a good dose of heat. Today is the hottest stickiest day this year.

  6. Cindy, it sounds like your ideas and plans are spot on! You have great taste. I like the idea of brick and stained wooden entry doors! I really like that swinging daybed too. You are smart to have a couple of screened porches, to keep the mosquitoes and no-see-ums away so you can still enjoy the outdoors in the summer. The bugs in the coastal South can be awful.


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