Friday, May 3, 2013

in the garden this morning

The backyard woods beds are full of brunnera. Larger daffodils have faded from the back woods beds.

The delicate daffodil varieties are the last to bloom. So many of these have come from big mixed bags from Home Depot or Costco, we do not really know what we have. Need to research and figure it out, so many are lovely.

The Solomon's Seal shoots have broken though and have finally naturalized, lots more this year.

Deer watch.

Patio crabapple getting ready to pop.

First frog couple of the season have laid their string of eggs in the water.

Japanese maple opening.

Love the River Birch bark.

First trillium opened, hope to see a few more.

View from kitchen door, we will bring out cushions and umbrellas today and plant the herbs in the tiered planter.

Great Mary's Bells and Brunnera

Dicentra, Pachysandra and Brunnera

Celandine Poppy up close among Sweet Woodruff, these are all over and also finally naturalizing.

Muscari, Brunnera and pansies.

Blue everywhere!

Crabapple blossoms at front of house are perfuming our bedroom. 

Kwanza Cherry tree about to pop in front yard.

What's in your garden this morning?

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  1. What a GORGEOUS landscape you have. Can't wait to see which herbs you choose :)

  2. Love the froggies and happy they're back!! Your Dicentra and Brunnera plants are beautiful and so healthy. I don't have enough shade for them unfortunately :(
    Have a great's gonna be beautiful!
    x Loi

  3. Cindy, you have the most lovely yard and garden. I really enjoy your nature photos! And shots of your handsome dog too, of course! My husband will love your photo of the frog couple -- I'll have to share this with him this evening. The other evening I was on your blog and he peeked over my shoulder and commented on how nice your pond is.

  4. Oh my Cindy what have you done! Its so beautiful, I can't stop nosing around your fab plant picks and it gets better every year! I want to walk amongst the woodruff, one of favourite garden scents. Say hello to Kermy and Kermina from me.

  5. I want to come take a morning stroll with you and Andy, coffee in hand, touring your beautiful property!

  6. Gorgeous for words. Love to wake up in the morning with those views in sight. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  7. Cindy, every post is more beautiful than the last as your garden welcomes spring!
    Just gorgeous! I think you have shades of green never seen in Texas!


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