Thursday, April 11, 2013

in the garden yesterday morning

Signs of spring!

The magical parade of spring bulbs has begun, the first daffodils with a peek of periwinkle.

The goldfish are venturing out to the other side of the pond through the channel to socialize. Our pond has two sides of over 2 feet depths each with a shallow channel that connects each side. The big group of fish breaks into two smaller groups for the winter, each staying on one side, barely moving in the freezing water. Once the water warms, they make their way up and down the channel to visit each other and exercise. The flag iris are up in the background at the end of the channel. The fish love hiding among the roots.

The most delightful activity to watch from the kitchen sink window or the patio is to see them muscle against the current towards the falls (we have a pump that creates a downstream current and recirculates through the falls at the high point) and then go limp and ride the current backwards. They do it repeatedly and in pairs and it seems to be completely for fun!

A mama robin has been rummaging around the yard for nest materials. You can see the lawn needs rain so badly, still in winter mode.

The sky turned dark as I was making my way around the garden and drops began to fall. We received 2" of rain last night, a few areas of the yard are flooded, the soil was so dry. Calling for more today which is a good thing as we are behind.

The wood anemone has popped through on the edge of the woods. The lovely foliage will fully open after the blooms first appear. A few made their way to the perennial border for the first time too.

What is outside your window? Are you taking frequent strolls to enjoy the signs of spring like we are?

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  1. Our yard is still to soggy after the snow to work in it, but pretty spring flowers are popping up here and there. Thank goodness for your rain ~ everything looks beautiful!

  2. I live in a heavily wooded area and the Virginia Bluebells are juuuust starting to pop. My first daffodils to bloom, Ice Queen, have just started and the brighter yellow are not far behind. Peonies pushing up and my lilacs have teeny tiny little blossoms. I says forget just how much magic there really is this time of year.
    Your pond/stream is GORGEOUS. Can't wait to read back through your archives.

  3. Your stream is SO lovely to look lucky you are to have it. Spring is certainly taking its time to arrive, no matter where you are!

  4. I'm delighted to have stumbled on to your blog. It's such fun to "stroll with you" as you check out what's new in your garden. Love the playful goldfish!


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