Wednesday, March 13, 2013

etsy finds for the garden

Spring is in the air, not quite here yet but the slightly warmer temperatures, sunnier skies and longer daylight are taking us outside once again. Love to see what unique vintage finds can be discovered on etsy to satisfy our need to cultivate green this season!

Is your patio in need of vintage charm this season?


  1. Hello Cindy, Thank you for trawling through Etsy for us. I especially like the iron hose guides (I always love objects made from iron) and that book!

  2. Fun finds! I always like to include a dish towel with a hostess gift, the veggies are so cute! And the trug from France would look nice would be pretty inside!

  3. The zinc watering can is a winner. I can add it to he collection that we have already accrued over the years but still never seem to be able to find when i need one:)


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