Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rocky Mountain love

We loved our week in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We stayed in Breckenridge and also visited Beaver Creek and Vail. Sun, snow, amazing beauty all around us, we were wowed by it all! My husband is determined to make the Rockies our home one day. Enjoy some of the beauty I was able to capture.....



Breckenridge gondola

Breckenridge Victorian building on the corner of Main Street


We love this town, charming architecture, spectacular mountain views and several good restaurants.

North Breckenridge

North Breckenridge

North Breckenridge

North Breckenridge

Beaver Creek, CO

Our kids favorite mountain for snowboarding and skiing is Beaver Creek, the resort is pretty and modern but not as quaint as Breckinridge with its old Victorian buildings.

Beaver Creek

Larkspur Mountain, McCoy Park, Beaver Creek

view from Larkspur, Beaver Creek

Larkspur Bowl, Beaver Creek (note to self: give husband back his soft thick fleece pullover, makes me look soft and thick too)

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek village

back to Breckenridge, The Warming Hut restaurant

Breckenridge, The Theobald Building

another example of the charming Victorian buildings of downtown Breckenridge

dogsledding and snowmobiling are available in Breckenridge too

An old gold miners cabin that is still in use on our way up to Bald Mountain, at over 13,000 feet.

Breckenridge trail

Breckenridge, Josie's Cabin

Loved exploring Gorsuch, the gorgeous shop in Vail and one of my favorite catalogs... a cozy, romantic shop with its European Alps type clothing and decor. Difficult to find a price tag with anything less than $1000 though. The store and displays are really beautiful.

We ended up the trip by meeting a blogging friend, the beautiful and talented Pam of Simple Details. She is not only a clever DIYer, she is am amazing baker as well. She sent us home with the most delicious, buttery, crispy cookies full of yummy, good for you ingredients. Husband's description- "these are the best cookies I have ever had." That is saying something because we are pretty much cookie experts. Pam, you need to share your recipe!

They were packaged beautifully too. We just decided to freeze the remaining cookies so we can ration them. Each person has their own stash so as not to incur any issues with anyone taking more than their share!

Back to real life in beautiful but grey Northeast Ohio. Will look forward to seeing the Rockies in the summer for our next visit!

a curious gardener photos


  1. Oh, you have made me so envious. I lived in Aspen for 8 years in my 20s/30s. I love everything about the Rockies. The whole atmosphere is like a breath of fresh air, not just literally, but spiritually. Thanks for allowing me to return, vicariously, through you.

  2. Hello Cindy, I do admire the grandeur of the Rockies and other places, but I really prefer the more intimate, smaller-scale nature of the type found in Ohio--probably because that's what I grew up with. I do think that when I retire, the flatter land would make for easier walking and driving.

  3. It was wonderful meeting you, Cindy (and Arvind & Will), you couldn't be more adorable! You've truly captured the beauty of CO with your gorgeous photography, I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and the cookies! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful trip! I'm so envious you got to meet Pam! She is one person I 'd love to sit down with for coffee, or wine, as well. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    xo Nancy

  5. GORGEOUS. yes lets move there... pronto.

  6. So beautiful! It's been years since I have been to Colorado! I have to get back there!


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