Friday, September 28, 2012

where I live, repost

Some pretty scenes from our area for inspiration to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather expected in most parts of the country this weekend. I wrote this last year about the special part of the country we live in. Enjoy...

chagrin river, downtown chagrin falls/source

Where I live is very pretty. People feel sorry for you when you say you live in northeast Ohio. They don't know. Blanketed in snow all winter from lake effect weather means beautiful snowfalls, white Christmases,  lush green springs,  summers with much less humidity than most other parts of the country and amazing fall foliage.  There are rivers,wetlands, lakes and ponds everywhere. No shortage of water in this part of the country and there is all the wildlife that goes along with it. I really do love where I live.....

(except in January, February and March when I am very depressed, cook and eat too much, spend hours looking at real estate in warm climates, plan getaways, blow off dog walks because of the crappy weather, look forward all day to getting in bed at night to read and watch television, wonder if I will ever get to wear my sunglasses again... you get the idea).

chagrin falls in the summer/ source

chagrin falls popcorn shop/ source

geauga county/source

blossom festival time, chagrin falls/source

chagrin falls in the summer/source

chagrin hardware/source

chagrin river,south chagrin metropark/source

the popcorn shop in the winter/source unknown
blossom parade, chagrin falls/source

cuyahoga valley national park/source

cuyahoga river/source


  1. There's nothing like a city with a charming main Street, that along with the natural beauty would make it worthy of any winter in my book! Actually, I'd even love the snowy winter.

  2. Really charming! I love all the historic homes and architecture. I would like to visit one day. BTW, it's just as depressing in DC from Jan - March!

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  4. I don't live far from you. We are on a 42 acre farm that has the Chagrin River flowing through it. It is a magical area that looks more like New England than what people think Ohio should look like. When we have out of state guests, we always end up in Chagrin Falls, Hudson and Gates Mills. Being a 4 season girl, I think this place is heaven - especially on days like today with blue sky and the trees starting to put on their colorful display. Thanks for showing off just how wonderful the area is.

  5. The Chagrin river looks beautiful Cindy. I'm sure the white snow at Christmas is so much nicer that the black sludgy stuff we get here in Winter.

  6. Gorgeous the Amish country in Ohio....such a bucolic areaa.

  7. YOU are a very lucky gal. A perfect example of living the American dream. Thank you so much for the tour.

  8. Chagrin Falls and Geauga County are special! We feel lucky to live here. People hear the word Cleveland and think Yuck! Not so!


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