Tuesday, September 4, 2012

envelopes to be envied

Aren't these pretty to make a gift or greeting extra special? Very simple to make with unused wallpaper, scrapbook paper, pages from old books, quality gift wrap and unused maps. We have several outdated road atlases that would be a great source. Just a few simple steps, using an envelope as a template.

Photos and tutorial from Design and Nonsense.


  1. A fun and cool project!

    Yes, I am getting that authentication "pop-up" on your blog. So strange. Please keep us posted. Will be very useful for others to know.

  2. Thanks for the fun envelope idea, I have some maps that would be perfect, too, I'm adding to my list of projects!

  3. Like the envelope idea..I'd like to keep it in mind and will use it if i remember.Gift Card envelopes.


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