Thursday, August 9, 2012

potted lemon trees

Southern Accents

I have always wanted to grow lemon trees. I don't think our windows have enough southern light in the winter to succeed indoors and our climate is too cold to stay outside year round(zone 5). But those of you with greenhouses and big sunny windows can try! For advice on how to grow indoors, go here and, to grow year round outdoors, go here.


  1. Hi Cindy - I have attempted to grow citrus plants indoor.....without success :( They always end up with mites. If only I had a large orangery. Cheers! Loi

  2. Isn't that a great room...I'd like to curl up on that sofa and read a book with the lemon scent around me.

    We are in California and have a Meyer tree outside that is starting to bear fruit again. So nice for drinks and salad dressings.


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