Friday, February 3, 2012

go plastic free

We are learning that plastic food storage containers are full of chemicals that leech into our food. Time to invest in glass and steel, glass for home and steel for on to go.

This cylinder glass set with stainless lids is good for soups and stews, on sale now at Target.

Traditional tiffins are available on Amazon in two or three tiers and can be purchased with  cloth carrying bags as well. Shop here.

Crate and Barrel carries my favorite glass storage jars with lids, French styled but made in the USA, the Working Glass line, purchase here.
They also carry traditional refrigerator glassware in several sizes. Shop here.

The Container Store carries a line of hermetically sealed jars.

Throw your plastic containers in the recycling bin and choose only food safe storage!

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  1. hmm if only glass was lighter so I could carry these to work!


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